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Archery - The Benefits

Archery tends to conjure many thoughts, whether it's Robin Hood or Lord of the Rings. However, it's not all bad guys, green smocks and horseback arrow mastery - it's an art of precision, patience, and calm. Archery teaches hand-eye coordination and the ability to stay still, judge wind speed and distance, better than many other sports.

There's a variety of ways to participate, and there's likely to be a venue near you that will offer training and ranges allowing you to take part at your own pace. Although more and more people try archery at Summer Camp or on school activity weekends, if you have never tried it before then now's the time.

Like any activity that requires equipment, it's also important yours is to a high standard. Of course, when you're learning the first few steps of archery, it's important to remember that buying the most expensive equipment immediately isn't always necessary. Build yourself up, and you may find yourself favouring a different bow than the one you would've chosen initially with an unlimited budget.

Of course, it's also important to stay safe. Bows have been used for centuries as a weapon, and although the targets may not be alive, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be careful with where your arrows are going.

So when you're ready to take on some archery, get your gear and get down to the range. It'll be an experience you'll remember forever, and of course, if you want to dress up like Robin Hood, then go for it!

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